Hi. My name's Emily.

I'm a designer, a nerd and socially awkward. My passions include motion graphics, comics, breakfast, papercrafting and drawing dumb comics and fanart which I post here.

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Song: How to Handle Grown Ups
Artist: Ruckus Roboticus
Album: Playing With Scratches
Played: 61 times

Ruckus Roboticus // How To Handle Grownups

Now there are three things that you can do about grownup
One: You can ignore them
Two: You can quarrel with them
Three: Just say “Well you smell like a piece of doo-doo!”
THAT is the smartest thing you could possibly do
Try putting it into practice with the grownups in your life





this deserves a reblog cause of the cuteness of it

no stop omfg






this deserves a reblog cause of the cuteness of it

no stop omfg

it must be distressing to not have a clear fave. i remember when i was like that. one of the perks i suppose.

It really is. I’M JUST SO INDECISIVE. And there’s so many great ppl out there I can’t choose just one. I CAN’T RULE THE OTHERS OUT THAT’S JUST RUDE I LIKE THEM ALL WITH EQUAL FERVOR 

dearsheroozle: everyone knows my answer for this one so 15


15. Actress

Ok are we talking about in terms of acting ability or just overall attractiveness? Or in terms of intersection with other favorites such as OTP and/or characters. THERE ARE A LOT FACTORS TO CONSIDER THIS IS A HARD QUESTION.

Ok ok. Jessica Alba for sure. But also Anna Torv. And Jamie Chung. And Angelina Jolie. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER OK

tittytap: 10 and 14!

answered! but I’ll give you my secondary favorites:

10. Accent: STILL ALL OF THEM haha

14. Book: Probably the Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld OR POSSIBLY The Dream of Perpetual Motion by Dexter Palmer 

darkwillgraham: I'm sorry, but 1-22 evens +13!

hahaha okkkkk here we go

2. Song: Pioneer to the Falls by Interpol

4. Color: green

6. OTP: Sleeping Warrior 

8. Thing to Do: three way tie between drawing, reading and sleeping

10. Accent: ALL OF THEM, but especially irish and french accents

12. Clothing Store: ummm idk Kohls? I don’t really like shopping for clothes

13. Season: Autumn

14. Book: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

16, Actor: ummm gosh idk. Chris Evans maybe

18. Drink: rn its Iced Tea

20. Band: Arcade Fire

22. Person from history: answered! (Empress Theodora)

Put a number  in my ask and I’ll tell you my favourite

  1. TV Show
  2. Song
  3. Animal
  4. Color
  5. Word
  6. OTP
  7. Candy
  8. Thing to Do 
  9. Holiday
  10. Accent 
  11. Number 
  12. Clothing Store
  13. Season 
  14. Book
  15. Actress 
  16. Actor
  17. Food 
  18. Drink
  19. Letter
  20. Band 
  21. Country
  22. Person from history



Some Korean folklores with tigers that I remember:

1) The story of the sun and the moon: A mother sold rice cakes in town as a living in the day and come back home. The mother had two children, an older boy and a younger girl. On her way back from the town, she would always confronted a tiger who was always hungry. He promised to spare her life if she gave him a rice cake instead. One day, she had no rice cakes to give so the tiger ate her. Then he took her clothes, dressing up as the lady and went to her home to eat her children. The tiger knocked on the door, asking for the children to let their “mother” in. The daughter believed so, but the son knew better. “Our mother doesn’t sound like that.” “Our mother’s hands aren’t as big as yours.” The more he got outwitted, the more the tiger grew impatient. He barged in saying he was here to eat them anyways. The children ran. They hid high in the tree. They mocked the tiger, “bet you can’t get up here, can you?” The tiger asked, “Oh dear children, how ever did you get up there?” The boy replied, “We soaked our hands in oil to climb up of course.” The tiger fell for the trick and continued to ridiculously climb and slip on the tree. The girl giggled at the sight and said, “Silly tiger! We climbed up by making steps off the tree trunk with axe.” The tiger immediately did such, even more determined to eat the children. Even more scared than before, the boy prayed to the god of the sky, asking for help, a rope that would lead them to the sky. The prayer was heard and the children climbed all the way up into the night sky. The tiger asked for the same, except he was given something different: an old, battered rope which broke before he could ever reach the children. He fell to his death. Whereas the children became the sun and the moon.

2) A child was crying. And a tiger heard the boy’s tears. A little boy would be the perfect dinner, he thought as he approached the cottage where the cries came from. Once near the fence, the tiger heard the grandmother speak. “If you don’t stop crying, a tiger will come to eat you!” The boy cried even louder. The tiger boasted in himself how much of a fearful being he was. Then he heard the grandma speak again. “If you don’t stop crying, no dried persimmons for you!” The cries stopped. The tiger flinched. “What is this dried persimmons this grandma speaks of? How scary must this be to stop the boy’s tears?” Out of fear the tiger backtracked, intending not to meet this “dried persimmons” animal or whatever unholy being it must be. Instead he headed towards the barn, deciding a cow would suffice as a meal for tonight. But alas, tonight there was a thief in the barn. The thief jumped onto the tiger’s back, thinking it was the cow set loose. The tiger panicked. ‘What is strangling my neck? Oh no it must be the scary dried persimmons!’ When the tiger started to growl in pain, the thief then realized his mistake. He jumped off the tiger’s back to live another day, while the said tiger ran back to mountains running away from the “dried persimmons” beast.

3) A lumberjack had finished chopping wood for the day. He was about to leave the woods of the mountains until suddenly, a loud roar pierced out of the wilderness. “You poor unfortunate human! Today you will die, but you will have the honor to be my feast!” The tiger roared loudly. The lumberjack shivered out of fear, but used his wits to get him out of this situation safely. “Oh dear brother! We’ve missed you!” Brother? The tiger was confused. “Do not dare to trick me, human!” The tiger growled. The lumberjack continued his guise. “I speak the truth when I say this is not a lie. Long ago, my parents have told me the story of my older brother, even before I was born. The three had come to the woods, but when it was time to go back home, he had disappeared. You may have changed appearances all these years, but it is you! Mother would be utterly happy!” The tiger scratched his head. Perhaps this lumberjack was truly his brother. What happened to their father, the tiger inquired. “After years of crying in agony, father passed away but mother still lives with me. Come! She will finally shed happy tears when she sees you.” Intrigued by this sudden revelation, the tiger followed. And much to his surprise, he was greeted by the old woman the way he was told he would be. He does not recall this woman’s face at all, but he felt something in his heart. Perhaps, it was true. Perhaps, with the years in the mountains, he had forgotten who he was. But now the tiger found his family. In the following the tiger regularly stopped by the cottage to drop off some wild meat he had hunted like a real son would to a mother and brother. More winters after, the old woman had passed away. The lumberjack gave her a proper funeral and buried her in the mountains. Though he had not seen it himself, the mountains echoed with what could only be the cries of a tiger.